Ryan Adams Performs New Songs In Boston, Sends His Best Wishes To Noel For “A Speedy Recovery”

The Boston-area may be freshly mourning the loss of Tom Brady for the NFL season, but when Ryan Adams came through town with his Cardinals, he performed a pair of new songs “Sinking Ship” and “The Color of Pain” at the Bank Of America Pavilion this past Sunday (9/7) along with “Fix It” and “Cobwebs,” new songs he’s been performing on this tour. That must be some sort of balm? Listen:

Ryan Adams – “Cobwebs” (Live) (MP3)

To listen to the rest of the performance, head this way and grab the entire recording in various file formats. While you listen, feel free to take in some of the get-well note Adams left for Noel Gallagher today in regards to his recent fall:

hi cards fans and foggy’s friends.

the cardinals send our best wishes and get well thoughts to Noel and we wish him and speedy recovery and know that he and his band OASIS are better than what happened and it is beyond me to imagine who would think to want to harm someone in this way.

the world needs OASIS and so do cardinals and violent acts of madness are just so ridiculous and don’t belong in public theater or anywhere for that if you can help it really. but that is the world isn’t it.

i guess what i take from all this is we all have some thinking to do and i hope whoever that was finds some way to apologize and restore what is possible.

he could have gotten really really hurt man. so un-called for and so out of line in every way.

i still have not and will not watch it as the band and myself feel like when shit like this happens you gotta ROLL WITH IT…. and DON’T LET ANYBODY GET IN YOUR WAY.

…I can only hope to one day stand as proud, with songs for EVERYONE anywhere NO MATTER who they are, like OASIS and know that music is just one more way of saying- HELLO- and HOW ARE YOU and LET’S HAVE FUN and exchange our excitement and our mutual dreams together someplace.

it just isn’t a party if somebody gets hurt.

….and thank you, OASIS, for having us along fort the ride (we learned so much from you guys and had such a great time) and OASIS fans who were generous to us, and seemed very open and respectful, CARDS fans who might have been mingling in there somewhere, (i’m sure if you were a cards fan at an OASIS concert you are surely if you weren’t before now aware of their rather ridiculous majectic powers) to Matt Costa who let me sit in with him- thank you- you are so inspiring and mind-blowing and also one skate rat to another- wow man, just amazing to watch you and jam too- it was so great to watch and hang with you)…

You can read the rest at Foggy.

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