Steady Holiday – “Holiday” (Weezer Cover)

Last year, Dre Babinski released her sophomore album as Steady Holiday, Nobody’s Watching. This month, she’ll play Coachella for the second time (I was there for her first — good set!), and to commemorate the occasion she’s releasing a cover of Weezer’s “Holiday,” off the band’s 1994 self-titled debut.

She pares back its relentless energy to a subtle bend-and-snap, stretching out the brief respite that comes two-thirds of the way through the original into a full-length song, minimal while still retaining its stickiness. Babinski’s version might be less sunny, but it’s still alluring as a destination in and of itself. One might say it’s a ………………… steady “Holiday.”

Listen below.

The “Holiday” cover is out now via Barsuk.