Billie Eilish Talks Mental Health In “Seize The Awkward” PSA

Billie Eilish is behind one of the more impressive pop debuts of the year, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, and the young star has been refreshingly open about mental health, talking in interviews about her struggles with depression. She has also spoken out against glamorizing drugs in a way that many of her peers have not, which makes her a good candidate to front a new public service announcement from the Ad Council. The campaign, called Seize The Awkward, is centered around checking in with friends who might be struggling with their own mental health.

“It doesn’t make you weak to ask for help. It doesn’t. It doesn’t make you weak to ask for a friend to go to a therapist. It shouldn’t make you feel weak to ask anyone for help,” she says in the ad. “And you should be able to ask anyone for help, everyone has to help someone if they need it. You know, starting that conversation, you don’t have to make it super serious right away, you know, you say, ‘How are you feeling? Like, are you OK?'”

Check it out below.