Burial – “Claustro”

We don’t get new Burial music very often. The reclusive UK beat-music conjurer’s most recent album, sophomore effort Untrue, is more than a decade old now. And it’s been nearly two years since Burial released “Pre Dawn” and “Indoors,” his last two solo tracks. Since then, he’s teamed up with the Bug for two collaborative tracks and with Kode9 for a DJ mix, but that’s it. So it’s exciting to report that Burial will release a new 12″ single next month. And it’s even more exciting to report that you can hear one of the two new Burial tracks right now.

In a couple of weeks, Burial will release the a new 12″ single that’ll feature two new tracks, “Claustro” and “State Forest.” He’s dropping the record through Hyperdub, his longtime home. And he’s announced nothing else about these songs. That’s just how he does. But earlier today, the BBC DJ Mary Anne Hobbs debuted “Claustro,” the A-side, on her radio show.

“Claustro” is a beauty. It’s a fast, skittery dance track that draws on a few different legacies. In its relentless tambourine/kick-drum propulsion, it recalls the hardcore UK rave of the early ’90s. In its slinky R&B vocal sample, it recalls mid-’90s jungle and late-’90s UK garage. And in the ominous atmospheric hum that runs throughout — the disquieting sense of noise — it also calls back to the meditative music that Burial was making when he first came into the game. The song keeps moving, shifting between moods and movements. Every new Burial song is an event — not just because they’re so rare but because they all find new ways to slap. This one is no exception. To hear it, as the Quietus points out, you can head over here and skip straight to the 1:10:40 mark.

The “Claustro” b/w “State Forest” 12″ single is out 6/14 on Hyperdub. Pre-order it at Bandcamp.

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