Flame 1 (Burial & The Bug) – “Fog”

We last heard from Burial, the mysterious and reclusive British producer, when he came out with his Pre Dawn/Indoors EP back in October. And now he’s made another track of foggy, evocative, insular dance music. This time, though, he hasn’t done it on his own.

Burial is half of a new duo called Flame 1. His partner in this enterprise is the Bug, the most prominent alias of the UK producer Kevin Martin. It’s an odd and fascinating combination. As the Bug, Martin makes spartan, warlike, adventurous music, drawing from grime and dancehall and various strain of experimental music. His most recent collaborations have been with Earth, the Pacific Northwest doom metal legends. Flame 1 should represent a big departure for everyone involved. Instead, it sounds like a natural combination.

Later this month, Shrine 1 will release a new 12″ that’ll feature two tracks, “Fog” and “Shrine.” We can now hear “Fog,” and it’s a dark, minimal piece of atmospheric electronic music, one that doesn’t exactly qualify as dance. It’s hard to say which parts of the song come from which producers, but in it, you can hear both the desolate sadness of burial and the dub-reggae intensity of the Bug. Listen to it at the Quietus.

The “Fog” b/w “Shrine” 12″ is out 3/30, and you can pre-order it at Bandcamp.