The Armed – “FT. FRANK TURNER”

The Armed – “FT. FRANK TURNER”

Detroit hardcore collective the Armed put out one of the best albums of 2018 in Only Love. And today, they’re back with their first new material since then. “FT. FRANK TURNER,” the 42nd installment of the current Adult Swim Singles program, does not feature Frank Turner. It does, however, feature one and a half minutes of blistering aggression, and a saxophone. Listen below.

UPDATE: Frank Turner has revealed that the song features a snippet of vocals from an unfinished demo of his. “I was not at any point aware this was happening, don’t know the band personally (though I am a casual fan), and didn’t clear this,” he tells Stereogum.

UPDATE 2: In a statement to Stereogum the Armed respond, “It saddens us to hear that he’s upset about the song. We’ve been big fans of Gallows for a long time.” (Frank Turner wasn’t in Gallows; Frank Carter was.)

UPDATE 3: The Armed have now shared a video for the track directed by Tony Wolski and featuring costumed skaters. Watch below.

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