Watch The Raconteurs Perform Two Nights On Colbert

Today, giants return. For the first time in 11 years, there’s a new Raconteurs album out. Jack White and Brendan Benson just got their old band back together, and today, they’ve come out with Help Us Stranger, a fun and relatively casual dip into their bag of classic-rock tricks. And last night, they played their first late-night show in many, many years.

Jack White has a long history of doing multiple-night stands on late-night talk shows, and the Raconteurs are doing two nights in a row on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night. The first of those was last night, and they played “Help Me Stranger,” the breezy and propulsive jam that basically serves as the album’s title track. They played well and sounded great. And since this is a Jack White production, they added some attention-grabbing gimmickry, too.

Stephen Colbert himself took part in last night’s performance, lip-syncing the song’s intro. And the Late Show production crew shot the band through old-timey gilded picture frames. Sure! Whatever! Just keep playing like this! Below, watch the performance and, while you’re at it, stream Help Me Stranger.

UPDATE: Here’s “Bored And Razed” from Friday night.

Help Us Stranger is out now on Third Man Records.