Meat Wave – “War On War” (Wilco Cover)

Meat Wave – “War On War” (Wilco Cover)

The Chicago-based podcast Better Yet is releasing a compilation next week called all of god’s money. It’s based on Wilco’s magnificent Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which originated from Chicago, and all proceeds from the project will benefit the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Artists providing covers include Adult Mom, Ratboys, Bethlehem Steel, See Through Dresses, and Mikey Erg among others.

We’ve already heard a couple singles from the compilation. Chicago natives Slow Mass released their take on closing track “Reservations” on a recent 7″, and last month we got to hear Laura Stevenson’s rendering of “Jesus, etc.” Today, Meat Wave have shared their take on “War On War.”

Unlike Stevenson’s cover, this one is a punky ripper with fuzzy sawtooth guitars. Intense drumming ups the ante of the otherwise relaxed original. The warbling and sparkly synths are gone, as are the legible acoustic strums, making this take a total reinvention. It’s a cool take considering Chicago’s rich legacy within punk’s underbelly.

Check out Meat Wave’s “War On War” cover below.

all of god’s money is out 7/10. Pre-order it here.

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