Stream Torche’s New Album Admission

For a decade and a half, the Miami band Torche have walked a strange line. They exist within the context of the extreme metal underground, and yet they write huge and triumphant hooks. Their riffs are heavy enough to rattle your ribcage, and yet they play them like they’re trying to take over your nearest local hockey arena. They are small and yet big. After 15 years of great records, you’d think Torche would’ve incited a whole wave of thundering hooksmiths, but no. They are, as far as I can tell, the only band of their kind. And now they have a new album.

Today, Torche drop their new LP Admission, the follow-up to 2015’s Restarter. Admission is Torche’s first album with new bassist Eric Hernandez, but it’s still very much a Torche album. With minor tweaks, the band has one sound, and they continue to play it very well, with minor tweaks. Admission, like every Torche album before it, kicks all kinds of ass. And if you hear it in the right mood, you might feel like you can swat airplanes out of the sky.

We’ve already posted a few of the songs from Admission: “Slide,” “Times Missing,” the title track. And now that the album’s out, you can hear it all the way through, in all its splendor. Stream it below.

Admission is out now on Relapse.

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