Stream Torche Restarter

The Florida band Torche have found a home in the metal underground, but “metal,” at least in its current definition, isn’t really an adequate term to describe what they do. Instead, Torche stack huge choruses on top of huge riffs, working up a mountainous sound that’s absolutely overwhelming if you listen to it loud enough. It keeps you in that deep-immersion head-nod mode, the way the best stoner-metal can do, but it also has these huge triumphant melodies that can make you feel like you’re flying. They absolutely rule, and their new album Restarter is a worthy addition to a hell of a legacy. We’ve posted early tracks like “Minions,” “Annihilation Affair,” “Loose Men,” and the title track, and now you can stream the entire towering thing below.

(via Noisey)

Restarter is out 2/24 on Relapse.

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