Future Teens – “Frequent Crier” Video

Since the release of their 2017 debut album, Hard Feelings, Future Teens have continually proved their knack for writing punchy songs with piercing lyricism. The Boston rockers announced their followup earlier this year with the release of the first single, “Emotional Bachelor.” Today, they’re sharing more details on their second album, called Breakup Season. It’s due out in September, and they’re also releasing another single, “Frequent Crier.”

Like any Future Teens song, “Frequent Crier” doesn’t waste anytime beating around the bush. Absolutely stellar guitar work underscores singers Amy Hoffman and Daniel Radin. The pair share the vocals, with Radin sprinkling ad libs throughout before completely backing Hoffman. The video itself shows a sad guy playing with a yo-yo. He’s got tears in his eyes — presumably he’s just been broken up with, as I’ve never seen a more depressed yo-yo session. He stumbles upon the band jamming and then seems to voyeuristically watch them through window panes.

Watch the video for “Frequent Crier” below.

01 “Happy New Year”
02 “Born To Stay”
03 “Emotional Bachelor”
04 “Frequent Crier”
05 “So What”
06 “Alone At The Party
07 “Passed Tense”
08 “Swiped Out”
09 “Heavy Petting”
10 “Something Nice”

Breakup Season is out 9/6 via Triple Crown Records & Take This To Heart Records. Pre-order it here.

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