Conway The Machine – “Bang” (Feat. Eminem)

Conway The Machine – “Bang” (Feat. Eminem)

A couple of years ago, Eminem announced that he’d signed the bloodthirsty Buffalo rap brothers Westside Gunn and Conway to his Shady Records label. In 2017, Westside Gunn and Conway released “MachineGun Black,” a Just Blaze-produced track with an Eminem intro. Since then, though, both Westside Gunn and Conway have kept working like underground raiders, cranking out absolutely nasty mixtapes and underground albums, never functioning like they’ve got the biggest rap star in history in their corner. Today, though, that ends. Conway and Eminem have a new song together.

We don’t yet know whether Conway has a major-label debut about to come out or whether the new track “Bang” is just a one-off. But the song exists, and Eminem uses it to make some big statements. In the jittery fast-rap style he’s been using lately, Em reminisces about past beefs with rappers like Canibus and Ja Rule, and he attempts to make the case that he’s one of the genre’s eternal giants. Along the way, he throws shots at people like Charlamagne Da God and Iggy Azalea: “Compare me to Manson, Marilyn or Charles / Compare me to Nas, Biggie, or Pac / Do not compare me to that Iggy bitch or all this fucking Milli Vanilli hip-hop.”

It makes for a strange clash of styles. The beat is a grimy lurch from regular Conway collaborator Daringer and UK producer Beat Butcha. And Conway uses it to talk heavy drug-dealing shit: “The mac by my pelvis in my Helmut Lang / The shells’ll bang, make everything outta your helmet hang.” The two halves almost sound like different songs. Also, Conway is apparently going by Conway The Machine, sort of like how his associate Benny is now Benny The Butcher. Listen to “Bang” below.

“Bang” is out now on the streaming services.

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