Hear Denzel Curry’s Spotify Session With Fucked Up & Bad Brains

When artists roll through the Spotify Studios, they typically record a cover of a song for the streaming service’s Spotify Singles series. But not many artists recruit the actual musicians who made the original songs to play with them, which is exactly what Denzel Curry did for his entry.

Fresh off his new album ZUU, the Florida rapper recruited hardcore legends Bad Brains to perform their classic “I Against I,” with Curry taking over the vocals but keeping the content as is.

To add to the session’s pedigree: Curry also got Toronto band Fucked Up to play with him on his own track “CLOUT COBAIN | CLOUT CO13A1N,” which appears on his 2018 album TA13OO. Way to go above and beyond!

Check out Denzel Curry’s session below.