The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I am not going to put a Chris Brown music video on this list. And even if Chris Brown weren’t a loathsome human being, his video for “No Guidance” probably wound’t be good enough to be on this list. But I do have to acknowledge that the moment from the “No Guidance” video where Drake attempts to dance-battle Chris Brown is a very good music-video moment. Drake really commits! This week’s picks are below.

5. Kevin Gates – “Facts” (Dir. Chandler Lass)

For some reason, energy is something that hasn’t come through in a whole lot of rap videos lately. So when we get one that has a ton of it, that feels special. Also, Kevin Gates looks strong.

4. NCT Dream – “Boom” (Dir. ?)

This is just good boy-band choreography.

3. Lizzo – “Tempo” (Feat. Missy Elliott) (Dir. Andy Hines)

The moment that Missy Elliott flies out of the hood of a car is the moment you realize you’re watching a video worthy of having Missy Elliott in it.

2. Residente & Bad Bunny – “Bellacosa” (Dir. Gregory Ohrel)

It’s possible to make a beach-party video that still bursts with ideas. Never let anybody tell you otherwise.

1. HAIM – “Summer Girl” (Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)

One of these days, Paul Thomas Anderson is going to get back to making movies that aren’t period pieces. Hopefully. Until that day, we will have to be content with how he films Los Angeles sunlight filtering through the Haim sisters’ hair.

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