Stream Under Attack’s Debut EP Through The Blade

Under Attack are a new band, but they’re a band comprised entirely of veteran punks based in Richmond, Virginia, one of the best punk cities in the world. Drummer Dave Witte is in Municipal Waste, and he’s also been in dozens of other bands. Guitarist Mark Telfian has been in Devoid Of Faith and Limp Wrist. Bassist Jason Hodges is in the noise duo Suppression. And now they’re making fast, frantic, roiling old-school hardcore in Under Attack.

Under Attack only just released a demo a few months ago, and today, they’ve come out with their first proper EP. The Through The Blade 7″ blasts through six songs in about eight minutes, and it’s a bracing example of primal, simplistic, utterly rage-driven ’80s-style hardcore. The members of the band do not sound like adults. They sound like they still have plenty of teenage fury left to vent. Check out the EP below.

The Through The Blade EP is out now on Iron Lung Records.