Lightning Bolt – “Air Conditioning”

Lightning Bolt, the legendary veteran noise-punk duo from Providence, will return this fall with Sonic Citadel, their first album since 2015’s Fantasy Empire. And this week, bass-bomber Brian Gibson and ballistic drummer Brian Chippendale have served up the album’s lead single, a typically blistering number titled “Air Conditioning.”

The band’s longtime label Thrill Jockey informs us that Sonic Citadel features unprecedented vocal clarity for Lightning Bolt. That’s certainly true of “Air Conditioning,” which retains the duo’s usual charred intensity but foregrounds Chippendale’s unhinged barking. So maybe this is Lightning Bolt’s version of classic rock? A tracklist dotted with titles like “Van Halen 2049,” “Don Henley In The Park,” and “Hüsker Dön’t” would certainly bear out that interpretation.

Hear “Air Conditioning” below.

01 “Blow To The Head”
02 “USA Is A Psycho”
03 “Air Conditioning”
04 “Hüsker Dön’t”
05 “Big Banger”
06 “Halloween 3″
07 “Don Henley In The Park”
08 “Tom Thump”
09 “Bouncy House”
10 “All Insane”
11 “Van Halen 2049″

Sonic Citadel is out 10/11 on Thrill Jockey. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Nick Sayers