The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I would now like to call the world’s attention to the moment where Normani bounces a basketball off of her ass. This occurs right around the 1:54 mark of the new “Motivation” video, and it is honestly an astonishing physical feat, some strip-club Jackie Chan shit. The rest of the video is good. That one brief dance move is instantly iconic, like the Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” lean. But “Motivation” came out today, so it’s not on this week’s list. Check out this week’s picks below.

5. Brockhampton – “BOY BYE” (Dir. Spencer Ford)

In order to make this video, Matt Champion had to stand in a glass case that was being dangled in the air by a crane. This is the stuff of my literal nightmares. He made it look cool. That alone earns this video a spot on this list.

4. Girl Band – “Going Norway” (Dir. Bob Gallagher)

When your freaked-out surrealistic horror-movie vision could also be a sight gag in a Looney Tunes short, that’s a pretty good freaked-out surrealistic horror-movie vision.

3. Chelsea Wolfe – “Be All Things” (Dir. Ben Chisholm)

Why don’t more goths film their music videos in caves? That’s such a layup.

2. Doja Cat – “Juicy” (Feat. Tyga) (Dir. Jack Begert)

Doja Cat and her collaborators have somehow managed a scientific DNA lab-splice hybrid of Teenage Dream-era Katy Perry and classic BET Uncut, and I am frankly in awe.

1. Chris Farren – “Search 4 Me” (Dir. Clay Tatum)

In a time when so many of us are desperately attempting to monetize all of our shit for imagined social-media audiences, this is what effective social satire looks like.

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