Sudan Archives – “Confessions”

Sudan Archives – “Confessions”

Basically ever since she first released music, Sudan Archives has been a promising and exciting new artist. Starting with her self-titled 2017 EP and continuing with last year’s Sink — which we named one of the best of EPs of 2018 — Sudan Archives’ blend of R&B, electronic, and various African folk traditions (implemented in both her percussion and her violin playing), were an immediately entrancing style all her own. And today, she’s back with a new single and hints of more music to come.

Titled “Confessions,” the latest Sudan Archives track is the result of collaborating with producer Wilma Archer; a press release describes the track as detailing a “crisis of conscience.” It also notes that “Confessions” is the first preview of Sudan Archives’ long-awaited full-length debut. The album will arrive later this year via Stones Throw.

On one hand, “Confessions” sounds of a piece with the Sudan Archives aesthetic we’ve been getting to know for the past couple years. On another, it strikes me as one of the prettiest, most direct songs yet to come of the project. There’s been no shortage of beautiful, infectious Sudan Archives songs thus far, but “Confessions” features both one of her most memorable choruses and a string figure that feels like it’s pulling you steadily forward through waves. (I guess her penchant for taking inspiration from the movement of water didn’t stop with Sink.) It doesn’t sound like a “crisis,” exactly, but it does have a confessional pang to it when those strings buoy her delivery of “Confessions are falling down” in the chorus. Check it out below.

“Confessions” is out now via Stones Throw. Sudan Archives’ debut album will be out later this year.

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