Pinegrove – “Moment”

It’s been a turbulent time for Pinegrove, the New Jersey indie rock band. In 2017, frontman Evan Stephens Hall put out a statement apologizing for his behavior with women, cancelled the band’s tour, and delayed the release of the album Skylight. Hall acknowledged that he’d been accused of sexual coercion. Last year, Hall put out another statement, further apologizing and attempting to clarify his past behavior, and Pinegrove finally self-released Skylight. Today, Pinegrove have a new single and a new label deal, so it seems that they’ve gone back to regular band-type activities.

Pinegrove have signed with the UK’s Rough Trade label, and they’ve released the new single “Moment.” It’s a jangly, meditative rock song, one that’s of a piece with the band’s past work. Keyboardist Nandi Rose Plunkett, who left the band in 2017 to focus on her other band Half Waif, plays on the new song, at least according to the Bandcamp credits.

Talking to NME, Hall says, “‘Moment’ for me was a way of thinking about gratitude in the context of chaos or tedium. This last stanza says directly what I say more obliquely in the verses, zeroing in after a meandering route.” That last stanza is this: “I’m in this moment, and I can’t see past it / I’m in this disaster / I’m in this traffic / And it keeps on going / But it keeps me asking / What’s in this moment?” You can listen to “Moment” below.

“Moment” is out now.

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