Juvenile & Birdman – “Ride Dat” (Feat. Lil Wayne)

It’s not hard to get nostalgic about the early Cash Money Records era, when an anarchic squad of New Orleans bounce-rappers bulldozed their way onto MTV with a series of irresistibly catchy anthems. In the 20 years since that takeover, the members of that crew have had wildly different career trajectories, and they’ve also had a series of battles, both on records and in courtrooms. But now everyone seems to be cool with each other, at least to the point where they occasionally team up onstage or on record. And today, Lil Wayne has showed up on a new song with his old Hot Boys bandmate Juvenile and his old label boss Birdman.

Earlier this year, Birdman and Juvenile — two guys who have had plenty of issues of their own — teamed up for the collaborative album Just Another Gangsta. They’re still working together, and as Pitchfork points out, they’ve just shared the new collaborative track “Ride Dat,” which ends with a guest verse from Wayne. It’s the first time all three have been on a song together since they were all on former Cash Money house producer Mannie Fresh’s “Hate” in 2016.

“Ride Dat” is a warm, melodic track from current Cash Money house producer DRoc, but it borrows a few sonic elements from ’90s New Orleans bounce, a sound that’s been enjoying a bit of a revival lately. Juvie, Wayne, and Birdman all still have a certain on-record chemistry that’s fun to hear, even after everything that’s happened with those guys. “Ride Dat” isn’t an amazing song or anything, but it’s a welcome throwback. Check it out below.

“Ride Dat” is out now on the streaming services.