Bell Orchestre Play Tonic, Arcade Fire Play Union Square

Let’s Do This has the scoop on an impromptu Arcade Fire gig that took place down the street from Stereogum HQ late last night. (Via Brooklyn Vegan.)

We’re walking up the stairs from the N,R at Union Square, bout 2a.m. Sat night. Couple street musicians are banging out some tune when we get up to the park.

Holy fucking shit.

It?s Arcade Fire.

Covering New Order. Win and Will on guitars. Regine on
guitar-case-as-percussion. Why the fuck not?

Jac’s photo proof:

AF completists take note: Richard & Sara’s sideproject Bell Orchestre play Tonic tomorrow night, with National sideproject Clogs going on first at 8 PM. These instrumentalists’ ambient chamber pieces may not get your fists pumping like “Power Out,” but it’s pretty mood music (if you’re in the mood to take a nap … or score a film school project perhaps). This track (from Recording A Tape The Colour Of The Light, out 11/8) actually sounds like an elevator music version of Arcade Fire. Elevator Fire!

Bell Orchestre – “The Upwards March” (MP3)

Clogs’ lovely Lantern is out 2/6, and here’s a preview of that.

Clogs – “Ostinato”/”Five:Four” Medley (MP3)