New Bloc Party Video – “Talons”

When Intimacy rush-released a few weeks ago, most of us agreed it’s better than A Weekend In The City. (Also most of us agreed that wasn’t saying very much.) Well here’s more new music which you can sound off upon. “Talons” is the band’s next single, recorded during the Intimacy sessions but saved as a non-album track for bonus publicity an exciting surprise to fans. If you purchased the digital album, you had it delivered to you I guess via email after it premiered last night. If you did not, you can check it via the band’s new video. It’s pretty much a straight up dance track through the verses, (dance-rock through the hook), and it features Kele in a fit of self-hate, confessing “I have been arrogant, I have been wicked.” He’s shirtless, which may be part of the problem. Or it may just be the way he communicates with himself. I don’t judge.

“Talons” will get a traditional release, although I don’t know what that means anymore, on 10/20. You can get it immediately if you buy the Intimacy LP, which is available digitally via

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