Clipping. – “La Mala Ordina” (Feat. The Rita, Benny The Butcher, & Elcamino)

Clipping. – “La Mala Ordina” (Feat. The Rita, Benny The Butcher, & Elcamino)

Experimental noise-rap trio Clipping. love to play around with the tropes and conventions of their genre. And on their upcoming album There Existed An Addiction To Blood, their latest playground is horrorcore, the transgressive mid-’90s subgrenre pionereed by artists like Gravediggaz and Brotha Lynch Hung.

Clipping. have already shared one song from the project, “Nothing Is Safe,” which found frontman Daveed Diggs rapping over minimalist plinking piano and sinister John Carpenter synths from his bandmates and producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes. Now they’re back with another taste.

New song “La Mala Ordina” — meaning “the mob orders,” named for the original Italian title of Fernando Di Leo’s 1972 film The Italian Connection — unites Clipping. with rappers Benny The Butcher and Elcamino and harsh noise artist the Rita. It begins with a menacing buzzsaw synth groove berore morphing into a total noise freakout in its second half. Listen below.

10/09 Brooklyn, NY @ Zone One at Elsewhere
10/10 Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
10/11 Toronto, ON @ The Garrison
10/14 Oakland, CA @ The New Parish
11/16 Los Angeles, CA @ Adult Swim Festival

There Existed An Addiction To Blood is out 10/18 on Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.

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