The New Pornographers – “One Kind of Solomon”

The New Pornographers – “One Kind of Solomon”

In a couple of weeks, the New Pornographers, the long-running power-pop army of melodically gifted mostly-Canadians, will release a new album called In The Morse Code Of Breaklights. In the run-up to the album, we’ve welcomed a whole bunch more dizzy hooks into our lives. We’ve already posted the early singles “Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile” and “The Surprise Knock.” Today, the New Pornos share a new one called “One Kind Of Solomon.”

As New Pornographers songs go, “One Kind Of Solomon” is relatively downbeat, though it still has its own busy energy. It’s got keyboard sounds all over it, and though group leader A.C. Newman does most of the singing, Neko Case gets in an especially kickass bridge.

Of the new song, Newman says, “In terms of keyboards, this record has such a Kathryn Calder stamp. There was a point where she started playing this part on ‘Solomon’ and I feel like it just changed the record. When I heard what she did with it, I said, ‘Do this on every song.'” Listen to the song below.

In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights is out 9/27 on Concord Music Group. Pre-order it here.

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