Hear R.E.M.’s New Remix Of Kurt Cobain Tribute “Let Me In”

Hear R.E.M.’s New Remix Of Kurt Cobain Tribute “Let Me In”

R.E.M.’s divisive Monster just turned 25, and to celebrate the occasion, the band are reissuing the album in a big six-disc anniversary box set. That includes the original album, a live album of a 1995 performance in Chicago, a bunch of previously unreleased demos, and remixed versions of every song on Monster from the album’s original producer Scott Litt.

We’ve already heard a demo of the unreleased song “Revolution” from the upcoming box set. And now, as Vice reports, we’re getting to hear a new mix of “Let Me In,” Monster’s ode to the band’s friend Kurt Cobain, written shortly after his suicide and featuring one of his own guitars.

The new version is less murky, separating Mike Mills’ guitar and Michael Stipe’s vocals and bringing the latter up higher in the mix. It also removes the keyboard part from the song entirely. Listen to Scott Litt’s updated remix and compare it to the original below.

The Monster reissue is out 11/1 on Craft Recordings. You can find all the details on the box set at R.E.M.’s site.

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