Animal Collective – “Autumn Rites”

A couple months ago, Animal Collective shared “Summer Blaze,” the A-side to a digital split called New Psycho Actives Vol. 2. The first volume was released about four years ago and featured mixes themed around winter and spring. Today, they’ve completed the seasonal quartet with “Autumn Rites,” a 21-minute collection of new music from Avey Tare and Geologist. “We know it doesn’t fully feel like Autumn in a lot of places just yet, so play this one outside to try and bring on the crisp,” they said in a statement.

The members of Animal Collective have been quite active recently. The band played a bunch of new songs live on their tour last week, and a month-and-a-half ago they shared a Silver Jews cover. Panda Bear also released some music of his own, the vibey “Playing The Long Game.”

Listen to “Autumn Rites” below.