Rufus Wainwright – “Trouble In Paradise”

Rufus Wainwright – “Trouble In Paradise”

Rufus Wainwright has shared a new song, “Trouble In Paradise,” which will appear on a new album that’s expected out next year. It’s Wainwright’s first pop album since 2012’s Out Of The Game, though since then he’s had a couple other full-lengths, one inspired by opera and another by Shakespeare’s sonnets. The new album was produced by Mitchell Froom in Los Angeles and, as Billboard reports, it’ll be Wainwright’s first album with the label BMG.

Speaking about his forthcoming new album in a post on his website, he wrote:

It is a really old fashioned album and to me it is the bookend to my first album which I also recorded in LA in those legendary studios with amazing session players. But back then, I really had no clue what I was doing and after 20 years of being in this business and sidestepping in the symphony and opera world, theater and many other side projects, I feel I have reached a certain maturity as an artist and songwriter both in my writing but also in my vocal abilities and know how to put together a song. I hope you agree.

He also set the scene for the new single: “Drum beats herald a romp through the inner mind of a bob-haired fashion doyenne on her drive from the town to the country. She reflects on the true price of glamour, and weighs its spiritual costs while eyeing her future legacy, and eternity. The music, a nod to solid pop rock production of previous classic LA era’s motors the listener on with both a sense of sophistication and an animalistic instinct.”

Listen below.

“Trouble In Paradise” is out now via BMG.

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