Stream Lucki’s New Album Days B4 III

Stream Lucki’s New Album Days B4 III

So Jesus Is King is finally out. Holy shit. It happened. But Kanye West is not the only depressive, erratic Chicago rapper with a new album out today. On this blessed day, we also get Days B4 III, the new full-length from Lucki, the muttering young cult-rap icon whose self-destructive lyrics have the power to punch you in your soul.

The big differences between Lucki and Kanye West: Lucki makes music about depression and bad ideas, not depressing bad-idea music. Also, even though he’s been releasing music for the better part of a decade, Lucki is just 23; he’s barely half Kanye’s age.

Earlier this year, Lucki released the triumphantly defeatist Freewave 3. Now, just a few weeks later, he’s followed it up with Days B4 III, another set of beautiful, seasick music. Sample lyrics: “I’m not in the mood, I can’t eat no food / Everything I choose, stomach throw it away / I miss my old hood, I hope they all good / We just grew apart, and it’s OK.” It doesn’t sound like it’s OK. This is sad, heavy shit. The album crams 15 songs into 15 minutes. It features no guest rappers and only one producer who anyone has heard of: 16yrold, one of the people behind Sheck Wes’ “Mo Bamba.” Stream the album below.

The self-released, Empire-distributed Days B4 III is out now.

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