Division Of Mind – “EXIT”

Richmond, Virginia is one of the greatest punk rock cities in America. (I don’t know if there’s any way to come up with a punks-per-capita measurement, but Richmond would have to be extremely high up on that list.) In recent years, a ton of great hardcore bands — Enforced, Candy, Nosebleed — have been coming from the city. And if you care about this stuff, you should also make sure Richmond’s Division Of Mind are on your radar.

Division Of Mind make a sludgy, metallic form of beatdown hardcore — a deeply satisfying crunch that also has a weird sense of atmosphere working for it. The band has been around since 2017, but thus far, they’ve only released two demos. But sometime in the near future, they’re coming out with a self-titled full-length debut. The first song they’ve shared from it is called “EXIT,” and it is absolutely brutal and elemental. Play it loud enough, and you might find yourself chokeslamming a Honda Civic. Listen to it below.

Division Of Mind’s self-titled debut is coming soon on Triple B Records.