Field Music – “Money Is A Memory”

UK art-pop band Field Music are returning early next year with Making A New World, a 19-track concept album about the historical echoes of World War I inspired by the collection of the Imperial War Museum in London. Lead single “Only In A Man’s World” focused on the development of sanitary pads for women, and now they’re sharing “Money Is A Memory,” a song written from the perspective of an office worker in the German Treasury preparing the final payment of war reparations in 2010, 91 years after the Treaty Of Versailles. The band’s David Brewis explains:

The whole album is really about consequences, and how the consequences of that war are still with us. “Money Is A Memory” is probably the most explicit example of that — decisions that were made a hundred years ago still casting a shadow. The initial premise is a bit comical — the admin assistant going through their bureaucratic duties — but buried away inside those papers you can imagine the echoes of millions of lives being turned upside down.

The song itself is an appealingly twitchy funk vamp, and you can listen to it below.

Making A New World is out 1/10 via Memphis Industries. Pre-order it here.

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