Kingdom & Nate Huff – “Mind Off Track” & “Off Track Mind”

Kingdom, the LA-based dance producer, has been at it for more than a decade, and he’s helped carve out a lane for a version of dance music that does sharp, architectural things while bringing in some of the flash and glamor of R&B. With his Fade To Mind label, Kingdom collaborated with and helped introduce artists like Kelela and D∆WN. Today, Kingdom introduces us to another new voice.

Kingdom has been busy in 2019. He released the EP EXTERRA (Vol. 1) this past summer, and he also produced “Life’s Too Short,” one of the songs on Tinashe’s new album Songs For You. Today, Kingdom releases his new two-song single “Mind Off Track” b/w “Off Track Mind,” which he recorded with the unknown young R&B singer Nate Huff. Dummy reports that Kingdom discovered Huff online; Huff was apparently singing Brandy covers on Vine. This, to me, is cool.

“Mind Off Track” is a slick, slippery, heartbroken R&B song, and the combination of Huff’s feathery vocals and Kingdom’s jittery quicksilver beats is cool. It even has chopped-up acoustic guitar, like a late-’90s TLC or Destiny’s Child song. “Off Track Mind” remixes “Mind Off Track,” turning it into something apocalyptically beat driven. Both versions of the song are good, and you can hear them both below.

“Mind Off Track” b/w “Off Track Mind” is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.