Preview Burial’s New Song “Starlore” That Will Only Be Available On Sega Genesis Cartridge

We named Burial’s Tunes 2011-2019 compilation our Album Of The Week this week even though it included no new songs, so of course here we are to tell you about just a whisper of a new Burial song.

The underground electronic musician known as William Bevan has a brand-new track called “Starlore” included on a wacky project from his label Hyperdub. For their 15th anniversary, Hyperdub has teamed up with the video game hardware company Analogue, as The Verge points out, to put out a compilation album that is only able to be played on the defunct game system Sega Genesis.

For a decent chunk of change, a Sega Genesis console and cartridge with the compilation could be yours, though it’s limited to 1000 units. The compilation also includes songs by Jessy Lanza, DJ Taye, Kode9, and more.

Apparently, these tracks will never be available anywhere besides this Sega Genesis cartridge, but to promote it Hypberdub is sharing 1m40s teaser of the Burial track (which is 7 minutes total), and you can listen to it below.

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