Alice Longyu Gao – “Rich Bitch Juice” & “Dumb Bitch Juice”

Alice Longyu Gao is a New York City-based musician and DJ. She moved from China to go to school in the States a few years ago, and since moving to NYC has been putting out hyperreal pop songs with plugged-in names like “Scam” (“featuring” iconic scammer Anna Delvey) and “Karma Is A Witch.” Her latest release is a pair of complementary singles, “Rich Bitch Juice” and “Dumb Bitch Juice,” which were produced with 100 gecs’ Dylan Brady. They’re both effervescently fun, all metallic clangs and attitude. Check ‘em out below.

“Rich Bitch Juice” and “Dumb Bitch Juice” are out now via Dog Show.