Power Trip – “When Things Go Wrong” (Outburst Cover)

“When Things Go Wrong” is a song from NYC hardcore heroes Outburst’s 1989 EP Miles To Go. The Texas crossover thrash monsters Power Trip have been covering it in concert for years, and now they’ve made a studio recording too.

The occasion for this recording is Hot Shit Attitude: The Outburst Covers Record, a new crowdfunded tribute album also featuring the likes of Fury, Krimewatch, and Higher Power. The comp is out at the end of January, and “When Things Go Wrong,” its opening track, is streaming now. Shit rips.

Listen below, where you can also watch a video about Blackout! Records’ campaign to release Hot Shit Attitude and reissue Miles To Go.

01 “When Things Go Wrong” – Power Trip
02 “Misunderstood” – Higher Power
03 “SGI /Mission Impossible” – Wild Side
04 “Miles To Go” – Initiate
05 “No Choice” – Fury
06 “Think For Yourself” – Krimewatch
07 “Outburst (Intro)” – Wild Side
08 “Thin Ice” – Search
09 “The Hard Way” – Mizery
10 “Learn To Care” – Stand Off
11 “Controlled” – Big Boss
12 “True” – Outskirts

Hot Shit Attitude is out 1/31 on Blackout! Records. Pre-order it here.