Kvelertak – “Crack Of Doom” (Feat. Mastodon’s Troy Sanders) Video

Kvelertak – “Crack Of Doom” (Feat. Mastodon’s Troy Sanders) Video

This morning, many of us are returning to work after long breaks. That’s not always an easy thing to do. Some of us need a little kick in the ass. Kvelertak are here for us. Next month, the Norwegian metal ragers are set to return with their new album Splid, their follow-up to 2016’s Nattesferd and their first with new singer Ivar Nioklaisen. The departure fo longtime human-animal growler Erlend Hjelvik should be a cause for some concern, but based on everything we’ve heard thus far, Kvelertak are still operating in peak blood-gargling form. We’ve already heard first single “Båtebrann,” which went hard as hell. And today, we get the video for second single “Crack Of Doom.” It’s even better.

“Crack Of Doom” has lyrics written entirely in English, which is a new thing for Kvelertak; they usually record in Norwegian. And the track features contributions from members of two American metal institutions. Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, probably the best heavy-music producer working now, recorded the entire album at his God City studios in Massachusetts. And the track features guest-vocals from Mastodon bassist, singer, co-leader, and all-around swamp-monster Troy Sanders. It’s a vast, arena-sized rager of a song, and it will help you get through your morning if you have any metal in your heart at all.

The video comes from director and longtime Kvelertak collaborator Stian Andersen. New frontman Ivar Nioklaisen stars in the clip, and much of it features him shirtless in freezing temperatures, so maybe this is him getting hazed into the band. But the clip works completely on its own, mostly by being metal as fuck. The “Crack Of Doom” video features the following things: A car burning, a body burning, a Druidic baptism, black-robed figures, a black horse, crows, and general apocalyptic omens. It rules. Watch it below, and read what the band has to say about it.

In a press release, Kvelertak say:

Ever heard of the Maya Apocalypse? Johannes Stöffler? Harold Camping? Are you afraid that the religious leaders, scientists, or the doomsday preachers may be right? Have no fear! They were all wrong. But now, Kvelertak has come to prophesize Ragnarok, straight into your heart and soul. The Crack Of Doom shines on us all!…

We sent Troy a demo of the song because there were a couple of parts we felt would fit his voice very well and lift the song. Luckily, he liked the track and was keen to do it. He got some scratch vocal tracks and some guidelines but was free to do it however he wanted. What we got back was even better than what we could hope for. We’re extremely proud to have him featured on this song, and with Troy being American, it felt natural to just do the whole thing in English.

Splid is out 2/14 on Rise Records.

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