Ozzy Osbourne – “Ordinary Man” (Feat. Elton John)

Ozzy Osbourne – “Ordinary Man” (Feat. Elton John)

Over the last couple months, Ozzy Osbourne has been putting out singles from a forthcoming album called Ordinary Man, which was produced with Post Malone producer Andrew Watt after Post Malone became responsible for Osbourne’s first top 10 hit in 30 years. Those singles have included “Under The Graveyard” and “Straight To Hell.”

Today, Osbourne’s announced a release date for the album (2/21), and shared its title track, “Ordinary Man,” which features none other than Elton John. “When I was writing ‘Ordinary Man,’ it reminded me of an old Elton song and I said to Sharon, ‘I wonder if he would sing on it?’ We asked and lo and behold, he agreed and sings and play piano on the song,” Osbourne said in a statement.

The album will also include guest spots from Post Malone and Tom Morello.

Listen to “Ordinary Man” below.

Ordinary Man is out 2/21 via Epic.

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