Strange Ranger Release Bernie Sanders Benefit Comp Feat. Wild Pink, Greta Kline, & More

Strange Ranger Release Bernie Sanders Benefit Comp Feat. Wild Pink, Greta Kline, & More

Portland indie mainstays Strange Ranger have assembled a new compilation benefitting Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. The 20-track Bernie Speaks With The Community contains previously unreleased material from a number of noteworthy Strange Ranger peers including Wild Pink (covering Shane MacGowan’s “Lonesome Highway”), Lexie (an alias of Frankie Cosmos’ Greta Kline), MZM (the solo project of Mannequin Pussy’s Marisa Dabice), Shamir, IAN SWEET, Justus Proffitt & Jay Som, Kevin Krauter, Thanks For Coming, Oceanator, Dylan M. Howe, Smut, and more.

A statement from Strange Ranger:

This is a compilation in support of the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. All proceeds will be donated to the campaign. With all the horror in the world, a vote for Bernie is a vote for sanity- for goodness. A better world is possible, though the existing structures of power try to convince you it isn’t.

Climate change ravages, overwhelmingly affecting the underprivileged. Stagnant wages keep workers immobile. The US “healthcare system” preys on the vulnerable and another insane war hovers above the Middle East. As musicians in America, some of this affects us- some does not. “DIY” is at once highly politicized and not at all. We hope that as the election draws nearer, the Sanders campaign and all that it represents will find its way into conversations at every basement show attended by young people in 2020.

Only through a mass movement of love and goodwill can we fight for real, structural change. So please, vote for Bernie but also if you can- donate to Bernie, volunteer for Bernie, tell your friends and bandmates about Bernie. The future can be great, but we have to make it so!


The compilation is available to stream and purchase below.

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