Galantis – “We Are Born To Play” (Feat. Charli XCX)

If you spent your youth playing retro Nintendo games and imagining what it would be like to live inside places like the Mushroom Kingdom, you are in luck. Universal Studios Japan is going to open a new theme park called Super Nintendo World, where, much like Disney’s recent Star Wars worlds, we’ll now be able to live inside the media that dominated our childhoods. And in a plot twist, the theme park has now gotten a commercial soundtracked by a new song from Galantis and Charli XCX.

On some level, maybe it’s not that much of a plot twist — Charli’s love of the ’90s is no secret, and speaking as a fellow child of the ’90s, I don’t blame her if it involves living inside the world of a Mario game. Her track with Galantis is, fittingly, called “We Are Born To Play.” It’s the sort of fizzy, surging pop track we’re used to hearing Charli’s voice over, but it’s got some nice surprises too, if you’re familiar with some of the more famous snippets of classic Mario game music.

The video is basically a commercial previewing the existence of the theme park by way of showing a bunch of people running around as if in Nintendo games, much like the park itself will hopefully make us feel. But also, there are some random shots of Charli up in the sky next to Toad. This whole thing seems like it will be deeply trippy when it exists. For now, check out the song below.