Moaning – “Ego”

Moaning – “Ego”

Moaning is an LA-based band comprising vocalist and guitarist Sean Solomon, bassist and keyboardist Pascal Stevenson, and drummer Andrew MacKelvie. The trio made waves with their “post-punk” 2018 self-titled debut, having played around their local DIY scene. But they’ve since swapped their guitars for synths, and today, are announcing their sophomore album, Uneasy Laughter. It comes out this March, and today the boys are sharing its lead single along with a video.

The opening lyrics of “Ego” cut right to the chase: “The highest high/ The lowest low/ I want to lose my ego.” While still incorporating some punchy guitar work, the utilization of spine-chilling, David Lynch-type synths adds some much needed height. According to MacKelvie, this combination led to the band “perfectly capturing every idea we wanted to play with.”

Here’s what Solomon had to say about the song:

The lyrics are about letting go of your own bullshit to help other people. Wanting to love yourself to love others. The ego can make you feel like you’re the greatest person in the world or the worst. It makes you think your problems are abnormally different which is isolating and rarely true. The song is a reminder that listening to other perspectives is important and beneficial to both parties involved.

Watch the Ambar Navarro-directed video for “Ego” below.

01 “Ego”
02 “Make It Stop”
03 “///”
04 “Stranger”
05 “Running”
06 “Connect the Dots”
07 “Fall in Love”
08 “Coincidence or Fate”
09 “What Separates Us”
10 “//////////”
11 “Keep Out”
12 “Saving Face”
13 “Say Something”

Uneasy Laughter is due 3/20 via Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Michael Schmelling

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