Rico Nasty – “IDGAF”

Rico Nasty – “IDGAF”

Do you want Rico Nasty to tear into every song like a vicious, bloodthirsty killer? Well guess what? She does not give a fuck. As promised, Rico has released a new song today. Titled “IDGAF,” it’s built around softly echoing electric piano sounds and finds the DMV rapper in melodious sing-song mode.

It’s a departure from the sound of last year’s Anger Management and its 2018 predecessor Nasty, but the attitude is the same. Her vocals sometimes revealing flashes of that signature raw intensity, Rico spends most of the runtime freely distributing taunts like, “Me and my bitches got the ball, you the monkey in the middle.” Remember when Drake sweetly cooed, “Bitch, I’m the man”? It’s like that, except delivered by a voice far more ferocious than Aubrey Graham’s.

“Go to sleep with me on loop you’ll feel better in the morning,” advises Rico on Twitter. You can take your first pass on “IDGAF” below.

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