System Of A Down & Avenged Sevenfold Members Release Radiohead Cover

“Street Spirit (Fade Out),” a highlight from Radiohead’s 1995 classic The Bends, is an all-time eternal jam and quite possibly the best straight-up rock song the band ever wrote. But some might argue that “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” doesn’t sound enough like something you’d hear at a circa-1999 Ozzfest. John Dolmayan is here to fix all that.

Dolmayan, System Of A Down’s longtime drummer, is working on a new solo album called These Grey Men, as Rolling Stone reports. The LP is all covers, and it features Dolmayan and his friends taking on songs like David Bowie’s “Starman,” the Talking Heads’ “Road To Nowhere,” Eminem’s “Rock Bottom,” Madonna’s “Hung Up,” and Del Shannon’s “Runaway.” (Dolmayan’s System Of A Down bandmate Serj Tankian shows up on those Bowie and Talking Heads covers.) The first single is his take on “Street Spirit (Fade Out).” It features heavy, lugubrious vocals from M. Shadows, the guy from Avenged Sevenfold, as well as a guitar solo from Tom Morello. All of them work together to turn this song into a grumbling trudge, as God always intended it to be.

Morello might not have been too busy to lay down a guitar solo for a Radiohead cover, but he evidently was too busy to show up for the video shoot. (Morello is in the clip, but only via patched-in footage.) Instead, the video features the other rockers looking pensive and serious in a studio somewhere while CGI paint hovers in the air. There’s a final-shot reveal that I thought was pretty funny. Below, check out the video for Dolmayan’s cover and, if you can stand to still hear the inferior original, Radiohead’s video for their own version.

These Grey Men is out 2/28.