Draag – “Trauma Kit”

The LA quintet Draag conjures a hallucinatory blur of shoegaze and grunge that immediately ingratiates itself even as it unmoors your senses. Their upcoming EP Clara Luz was produced by Jon Nuñez of melodic hard rockers Torche, but today’s new single “Trauma Kit” leans into the airier side of their sound, a My Bloody Valentine-like swoon with an agile programmed beat, orbited by a swirl of flickering electronic effects.

“Trauma Kit” also has a haunting music video by Devonte Johnson, starring Draag’s Adrian Acosta. His bandmate Jessica Huang shared the following statement:

“Trauma Kit” plays with the concept of being submerged in water as your most vulnerable state — opening you up to both positive/enlightening and dark/ominous forces. And this experience could be more accessible than you think — in your own shower. The shower scene was filmed in one continuous take on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Devonte Johnson, who shot and co-directed this visualizer as well as our photographs, is as obsessed as we are with the nauseating and unsettling melancholic atmosphere of Ari Aster’s work, particularly Hereditary. We creeped ourselves out in the process of filming, which felt appropriate. The Blessed Virgin Mary portrait (the version of the Virgin Mary with the blue clothing and circle of stars) became somewhat of a mysterious family heirloom for Adrian. As he was suffering from debilitating health conditions a year ago, he would stare at this portrait from inside the shower everyday, thinking dark shower thoughts. This version of the Virgin Mary symbolizes healing and miracles specifically, which we didn’t find out until after we finished shooting.

Watch below, where you can also find the dates for Draag’s February residency at the Echo in LA.

02/03 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/ Alms, Foliage, The Shaking Hands
02/10 Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex w/ Gold Cage, Orchin, Sprain
02/17 Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex w/ Dustin Wong & Brin, Night Dreamer, Soft Blue Shimmer
02/24 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/ Shaki Tavi, Sam Wilkes, Alaska Reid

Clara Luz is out 2/21.