Willaris. K – “Indifferent” (Feat. Gordi)

Up until now, all of Australian electronic producer Willaris. K’s music has been instrumental. But that changes today with the release of new single “Indifferent,” a song featuring the vocals of Australian singer-songwriter and Artist To Watch Gordi. The moody, atmospheric electro-acoustic piano ballad was finished at Shangri La Studios in Malibu alongside Sigur Rós collaborator Alex Somers.

“I wrote the instrumental in 2017 as an experiment to see where I could take the music sonically,” explains Willaris. K mastermind Jack McAllister. “I wanted to explore it for film but also explore the more vulnerable side of Willaris. K. I melted when Sophie [Payten, aka Gordi] started singing the first line when we were recording.”

“Jack and I talked about collaborating when we were lying on the floor of the living room in my apartment in 2017 listening to music at 5AM,” Gordi adds. “The next day he sent me this song titled ‘Piano Man.’ It had the beautiful piano part you hear in the song and it made me so sad. So I wrote a sad story to go with it about feeling nothing and called it ‘INDIFFERENT.'”

The track comes with a visualizer from multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer Chris Kore, a landscape of 3D scanned dancers moving between planes of light and geometric patterns. Watch and listen to “Indifferent” below.

“Indifferent” is out now on Astralwerks.