Drakeo The Ruler – “Out The Slums (Remix)” (Feat. Danny Brown & 03 Greedo)

Drakeo The Ruler – “Out The Slums (Remix)” (Feat. Danny Brown & 03 Greedo)

A couple of years ago, frequent collaborators Drakeo The Ruler and 03 Greedo were maybe the two most inventive, exciting rappers on the Southern California underground. Right now, both of them are locked up. Greedo is serving out a 20-year sentence for drug and gun possession. Drakeo, meanwhile, was acquitted on murder charges last year, but he’s still awaiting trial for criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a moving vehicle. His case has been ongoing for a long, long time. But soon, we’re getting a new mixtape that’ll collect new remixes of tracks from Drakeo’s landmark 2017 album Cold Devil. In our first taste from that mixtape, we get to hear Danny Brown alongside Drakeo and Greedo.

As The FADER reports, the Drakeo mixtape Free Drakeo is coming out in March. In the first of its remixes, Danny Brown jumps on the hazy, eerie “Out The Slums” beat, bringing an anarchic energy that beautifully complements Drakeo’s seething grumble and Greedo’s deranged yelp. Danny’s verse is just great: “Time to party like I’m wearing Ed Hardy, got a mohawk, and say words like ‘gnarly.'”

Danny Brown pays attention to underground rap music, so of course he knows that Drakeo and Greedo are important figures. And even if we don’t get a real-time collaboration from those three guys, it’s still cool to hear all their voices together. Below, check out the remix, as well as the video for the original “Out The Slums” and what Drakeo and Danny have to say about each other.

According to The FADER, Drake says this about the remix: “I don’t know to how to explain Danny’s verse. It’s Danny Brown — how do you describe a Danny Brown verse in regular words? I just know he killed that shit and I appreciated him coming through.”

Meanwhile, Danny Brown says this:

As a huge fan of originality in music in general, I was blown away the first time that Drakeo’s music really hit me. I literally became obsessed with it and listened to his music everyday for the past few years. He’s a wordsmith with a very elaborate imagination that he delivers in this monotone flow that’s so easy to grasp in this current wave of hip hop. I’m praying for Drakeo to beat his case; he’s one of my favorite rappers of this new generation and he has a timeless collection of music that I think everyone can dive into and realize he’s a very smart and talented artist.

The Free Drakeo mixtape is out 3/2, the same day Drakeo’s new trial begins.

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