Kate Bush Speaks Bird, Does Lots Of Laundry

If you read Jim’s post about Kate Bush’s album cover and thought, “I hope it has a song in bird language … or one about washing machines” you’re in luck.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At one point on the new album your son can be heard saying, “It sounds like the birds are saying words,” and then you proceed to sing in what sounds like some kind of avian language. Do you, uh, speak bird?

KATE BUSH: [Laughs] Not yet. But I’m still working on it!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: One of the most beautiful new tracks, “Mrs. Bartolozzi,” seems to be about doing the laundry. Kate Bush does housework?

KATE BUSH: Yeah, I have spent large amounts of time doing the washing. [Laughs] Some people find this amusing, but I actually do try to run a household…

Kate Bush – “Mrs. Bartolozzi” (MP3 link removed)

Beautiful, amusing, or both?

(Tons of rare Kate Bush MP3s can be found here.)