Katie Gately – “Allay”

Katie Gately – “Allay”

The LA-based experimental musician Katie Gately is gearing up for the release of her sophomore album Loom. So far we’ve already heard two new tracks: “Bracer” and “Waltz,” both of which ranked amongst our favorite songs in their respective weeks. Today, Gately is sharing another titled “Allay.”

As the track begins, ghostly ad-libs introduce the palette of sounds used — eventually building into a dizzying swirl around the main vocals. A distant drum and cymbal allow for each individual vocal note to eerily resonate a little longer. This lack of structure provides room for a lurching, gothic synth to creep in. A number of samples are incorporated, including special effect earthquakes, explosions, and guttural animal calls. The lyricis alone are haunting, with Gately singing powerful, memorable lines like, “When it sees you/ You’ll be lamb stew/ When it feels new/ You’ll be long doomed.”

Listen to “Allay” below.

Loom is out 2/14 via Houndstooth.

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