The Strokes – “At The Door”

The Strokes – “At The Door”

Last night, the Strokes played at a Bernie Sanders rally in New Hampshire on the eve of today’s primary election. They shared the stage with Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. And while they were up there, helping to spur on this new grassroots democratic movement, they also confirmed the forthcoming release of their long-teased new album The New Abnormal. Is it shitty to use the stage of a massive leftist movement to hype up your new product? Maybe! I don’t know! But a new Strokes album, like a potential Bernie Sanders election, is a reason to get excited.

This morning, the Strokes have made it all official. The Rick Rubin-produced LP The New Abnormal, the first Strokes album since 2013’s Comedown Machine, is coming out this spring. The band played a few of its songs last night in New Hampshire, and they also debuted the video for first single “At The Door” on the screens behind the stage. The song itself is a spare, expansive five-minute track built on a spare synth sound and on Julian Casablancas singing his heart out. It’s cool as hell.

Also cool as hell: The “At The Door” video, an animated psychedelic sci-fi vision from writer/director Mike Burkaroff. It includes a mutated rabbit, a bloody conflict on an alien planet, and a reaper coming to call. Check it out below, along with the tracklist for The New Abnormal.

01 “The Adults Are Talking”
02 “Selfless”
03 “Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus”
04 “Bad Decisions”
05 “Eternal Summer”
06 “At The Door”
07 “Why Are Sunday’s So Depressing”
08 “Not The Same Anymore”
09 “Ode To The Mets”

The New Abnormal is out 4/10 on Cult Records. You can pre-order it in all sorts of merch-bundle forms here.

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