Ultraísta – “Anybody”

In recent years, the super-producer Nigel Godrich has mostly kept himself busy working with Radiohead in general and Thom Yorke in particular. Next month, however, Godrich will return with Ultraísta, the trio that he formed nearly a decade ago with singer Laura Bettinson and drummer Joey Waronker. Bettinson haven’t released an album since their 2012 self-titled debut, but they’re about to return with their sophomore LP Sister. We’ve already posted the first single “Tin King.” Today, they’ve followed it up with a new one called “Anybody.”

“Anybody” is song that’s both smooth and sophisticated. It’s driven by a bass-pulse, a complicated and rushing drum pattern, and some breathless strings, and Bettinson’s voice flits playfully around all those things. You can definitely tell it’s a Godrich production, but it also sounds something like a late-’90s trip-hop group doing its best to sound like Stereolab. Pretty good!

The video, like the group’s clip for “Sister,” focuses entirely on Laura Bettinson. In the clip, she stares directly at the camera while hands put all kinds of weird shit on her face: Masks, paint, glue, googly eyes, veils. A lot of it is gross, and yet she never seems grossed out. Watch it below.

Sister is out 3/13 on Partisan. I hope the next video is about that dog. That dog is great.