Nation Of Language – “Rush & Fever”

Nation Of Language – “Rush & Fever”

Brooklyn synth-pop band Nation Of Language have spent the past few years releasing a string of killer singles, playing shows in and around New York City, and building up a loyal local fanbase. We named them a Band To Watch and one of the best new bands of 2017 over two years ago. And now, they’re finally getting ready to hit us with their debut album.

Late last year, Nation Of Language released the transfixing half-spoken-word reverie “The Motorist” and confirmed that a full-length LP would be coming in 2020. Well, now it’s official: That LP is called Introduction, Presence, and it’ll be out in April. This is what frontman Ian Devaney has to say about it:

Nation Of Language was sparked by a period of personal awakening around early new wave — specifically, as I was listening to a version of OMD’s “Electricity.” It occurred to me that a moment in time existed when it seemed everyone still had a kind of “beginners mind” about how synthesizers could be used and fit into the musical landscape. They were wielding this technology as a blunt instrument, and it felt like I had been given permission to do the same.

We knew very little about the tools used on this record before we began recording. There’s something fascinating to me about how emotions can present themselves when one is unsure of what exactly they’re doing. It’s important to me that people feel that core of innocence and pure discovery out of which these songs were born.

I hoped in making this album to create the space to openly ache for something. My favorite songs have always allowed me to indulge in that kind of longing, and this album was designed very simply to afford the same room to the listener. If I can build the structure to effectively pass that along to other people, I’ll feel like I’ve done something worthwhile.

Along with the announcement, they’ve shared another brand new single, the appropriately aching “Rush & Fever,” which you’ll recognize if you’ve seen Nation Of Language play live recently. Like all the best Nation Of Language songs, it combines Devaney’s deep, emotive croon with an infectious new wave bassline and interlocking synth patterns that burrow straight into your skull. Listen below.

01 “Tournament”
02 “Rush & Fever”
03 “September Again”
04 “On Division St.”
05 “Indignities”
06 “Automobile”
07 “Friend Machine”
08 “Sacred Tongue”
09 “The Motorist”
10 “The Wall & I”

Nation Of Lanuage
CREDIT: Fabrizio Moretti

Introduction, Presence is out 4/3. Pre-order it here.

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