Stream Mutually Assured Destruction’s Fever Dream EP

Stream Mutually Assured Destruction’s Fever Dream EP

You guys like Danzig? I like Danzig. Glenn Danzig’s voice — that utterly committed theatrical baritone demon-howl — is one of my favorite sounds in the world. There are no singers who sound anything like Danzig, and there are very few who even try. That’s one of the things that, to me, is so exciting about the new Richmond hardcore band Mutually Assured Destruction. They bring some of that Danzig wail.

MAD got together last year, after frontman Ace Stallings’ previous band Break Away broke up. They released a very promising three-song single last year, and they’ve now followed it up with Fever Dream, and absolute motherfucker of a six-song EP. The new EP is some extremely heavy hardcore, with great juddering ’90s metal riffs and foreboding atmosphere and occasional goth-blues guitar heroics. Stallings switches back and forth between a straightforward hardcore bark and a full-on melodic death-croon. It’s great shit.

The EP sounds great, too. It’s got full, thick, heavy production, and you can really feel those riffs hit. MAD play slower than most hardcore bands, and they work of massive, nasty grooves. I really like this thing. Stream it below.

The Fever Dream EP is out now on Edgewood Records.

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